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Your Family Budget

As discussed the budget for the trip is $12,000 which is 9,575.22 pounds in London currency. The team here at London Butterflies has made accommodations and planned things within said budget. Most places in London will not accept US cash so travel with Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card. If you need to withdraw money in British pounds, a conversion chart has been linked to the left. 

Figure 1: The Pie chart to the right displays the amount of money used for flights, rental cars, Airbnb, food, attractions, and passports. The entirety of the trip cost $10,268.45 giving an extra $1,731.55 (1379.65 pounds) to spend on souvenirs or any possible crisis that could occur while in London.

Figure 1: The budget in USD

Figure 2:This Pie Chart represents percentages of how much of the budget was spent on a specific category. With the Flights and rental car using up 55.3% we were left with 30.3% to use for the stay, attractions, food, and passports. This left the Anderson Family to have 14.4% of their intended budget to spend on souvenirs or leave as a leeway in case something were to happen. 

Figure 2: The Budget in percentages
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