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Information on London

Here is where you will find neat facts and information that may be useful when it comes to the city you will be traveling to!

Image by Sabrina Mazzeo

Facts and Details

Information you should know about London:



In London they use a currency called Pounds, with the conversion being for every 1 USD = 0.8 Pounds.  The currency itself is also different with a lot more coins being used rather then bills.  



In England the Prime Minister is responsible for all policy and decisions.  The Cabinet is located below the Prime Minster which is made up of the Secretaries of State, or Senior Members.  In London there is a mayor by the name of Sadiq Khan, who provides city wide leadership and beneath him is the London Assembly, holding everyone to account.



London is the most religious city in Britain with 63% of the people identifying as religious whereas 53% in the rest of Britain.  The largest grouping is Christian, resulting in 40.3% with Atheist behind with 27.05%.



Education is different in the sense of having stages from 5-16 years old, with Primary, Secondary, University Preparation, and University.  The Education system is very diverse and if you would like to learn more, click here.

Big Ben

The Weather and Climate

The weather in London is calculated in Celcius which to Fahrenheit is 0 C= 32 F.  The daily temperature in the week you will be there is normally around 61 degrees Fahrenheit with a high of 68 and a low of 54.  There is an average of 13 days of rain in the month of June and 7 hours of sunshine per day, so pack for fun in the sun!

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