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Greensboro to London!

On this page you will find all of your flight information and other transportation needs!


Flights and Rental cars can be a hassle to plan, which is why we took the liberty of planning it all out for you!  We took care to take into account the budget and needs of the family.

To London

To get to London, you will depart on June 1st at 2:40 pm from the Delta terminal in PTI, it will be a 1 hour and 21 minute flight to Atlanta. 

When you arrive in Atlanta, you have a 3 hour layover, which gives a perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and get some food for a longer flight.

Your plane to London will take off from Atlanta at 7pm from Virgin Atlanta Airways and will be a long 8 hour and 25 minute flight.  You will arrive in London at 8:25 am on June 2nd (London Time)

While in London

While in London you will need a form of transportation, rather then using Uber or other ride sharing services, it would be more economically friendly to rent a car.  We have set up for you to pick up a rental car at the airport when you land.  It is a spacious Polestar 2 electric vehicle with enough space to fit all 4 of you, your suitcases and a wheelchair.  You will drop of the car before your flight out on June 9th.  

To Greensboro

To get back home you will take a flight from London to Atlanta.  It departs at 10:45 in the morning on June 9th, and being a 9 hour and 40 minute flight, you will arrive in Atlanta at 3:25 pm (EST). 

In Atlanta there will be a 2 hour layover with your next flight taking off at 5:15 pm.

Your flight to Greensboro takes off at 5:15 pm, getting you back into Greensboro around 6:40 pm on June 9th.


Since this is an international trip, passports are required.  We took into account that both Lance and Kristen have passports, so they are needed for AJ and Grace only.  You will need to go to the office to apply for them by February 15th to ensure they get in on time.  The Guilford County Passport Office is located at, 201 W. Market Street Rm. 108, Greensboro, NC, 27401.  The passports will cost $160 for AJ, and $115 for Grace.  Make sure to get the photos done before at a Walgreens or CVS!

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