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Weekly Itinerary

Here we have planned a full week of fun for the whole family to enjoy. Buckle up you have a full week of adventures ahead!

* Remember that London is 6 hours ahead of Greensboro time *


Leave home making sure everything is packed and passports are in hand. Arrive at Greensboro (GSO)  Airport no later than 1 pm for flight check-in. Arrive in Atlanta for a layover flight that departs at 7 pm. Make sure to grab a phone charger and headphones or something to keep you occupied, you have a long day/ night of traveling. 


Arrive at London (LHR) airport at 8:25 pm (Eastern USA Time), get the rental car, drive to the grocery store, and get food (bread, milk, eggs, sandwich meat, bacon, sausage, etc…) for the week, drive to the Airbnb and unpack, rest, and get ready for the week ahead!


Breakfast will be eaten at the home. Enjoy the day at the Natural History Museum! Get to learn and explore about the history of the city. Have lunch at the cafe within the Museum, then go home to rest for the rest of the week ahead while getting rid of that jet lag!


Get ready for a fun day exploring St. Paul's Cathedral! Make sure to eat a good breakfast before you head out for the day, so make sure to eat good food to keep you sustained until you can get lunch at Cafe Rouge - St Paul's (a minute walk across the street) and head home for a nap before using some miscellaneous funds (if you want, watching a movie at the house is fine) at the Queen's Theatre Hornchurch. After the show, catch dinner at Shish Meze.


Today is the day to take a tour of Westminster Abbey and the House of Parliament! This will be a great day for both AJ and Kristen to explore some of the history of London and see some great sites as well!! You will have breakfast at home but enjoy The Victoria, Paddington for lunch while out and about between the two destinations followed by a dinner at home resting for the next day to come!


Thursday is a day for Grace! With her known passion for seeing and creating art, we have selected for you to go to the National Gallery of Art!  It also combines history as well so the whole family will get to enjoy exploring the museum!  You will get to enjoy lunch at the gallery's very own Ochre and dinner at home in comfy clothes for Friday!


Take a peek inside of Queen Victoria's childhood at Kensington Palace on a guided tour. After the tour, you will dine in the Palace's Pavilion for lunch making you feel like a royal yourself!  Dinner will be served at the Villa this night as well. 


Enjoy a big breakfast at “WHERE THE PANCAKES ARE” then take a 20-minute drive to Central London to take a self-guided tour of the city to enjoy your final day (take lots of pictures), enjoy an early dinner at Gillray's Steakhouse and Bar, and end the night for a spin on the London Eye. Try packing before bed because you have an early morning.


Everything fun must eventually come to an end.  Wake up, finish gathering your things, and head to the airport.  The rental car is due in at 10 am and your flight takes off at 10:45 am.  


Since you will get home at 7pm on Sunday, make sure to get plenty of rest when you are home and don't forget to send us images and tell us all about your trip!

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